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Vertanux1 is my personal page developed for my students. I made it free so all students can benefit from the free CAD/CAE/CAM educational content.

If you are an educator, please feel free to use my content for your classes. Just don't charge for the content, or resell the manuals or videos.

Also, please remember that I try to keep the content up to date, but between teaching full-time and personal time, it is a challenge. So expect mistakes in content and dated materials.

The only thing I ask in return, as many of you are engineers or working towards being an engineer, CAD designer, or in manufacturing. Please consider doing something good to benefit everyone. We as CAD/CAM engineers/designers have the power to truly make things better with our products, as long as our efforts are pointing in the right direction. 

Be good to others and help make this world a better place.



C. Sikora