What is BRECCIA?

The word Breccia is typically defined as a classification of sedimentary rock that contains a variety of rough stones mixed together.

The term is used here as both an acronym, and a symbol of the variety, and unpolished/unfinished nature of our educational content.

Broad Reach Educational Collaborative Industrial Anthesis (Breccia) is the culmination of three planned phases.

Phase one of  Breccia, initially titled "STREAM", (Student Recognizable Educational Access Media) was a project to encourage internal Computer Integrated Manufacturing curriculum development, with the intent to reduce the expense to students for instructional materials, while providing an enhanced, media based, progressive model of instruction. This included researching the latest technologies for educational content delivery, developing curriculum, electronic format training guides,  an instructional video library, and making that media available online for resident students.

Phase two "vertanux1" (Virtual Educational Resource Technology Academic Non-modal Utility), was established as a unrestricted anthesis, single source, educational media outlet, where we deployed all training media online, making it available to resident and international students free of charge. 

The vertanux1 online resource is now home to over 150 CAD/CAE/CAM instructional videos, and nine training guides. Within the first ten months of activity, the training materials had been accessed by users in over 172 countries around the world.

Phase three (vertanux2), is intended to introduce somatic (manual) manufacturing laboratory training methods to digital media (electronic manuals, and instructional videos). Enabling students to access visual resources to assist in guiding them through complex standardized processes typically found in manufacturing.